How To Get ‘Liked’ on Facebook

Yes, we all know that being popular will solve all your teenager’s problems, but did you know that having a four- or five-digit “likes” number on Facebook will also give your business or blog the crowd it needs to rule the school? Give people a reason to “like” what you have to offer.

Regular posts

Let’s say you forgot an ingredient and run to the general store for that can of corn. When you get there, there’s a sign on the door saying: “Due to short staffing, we’ve closed early.” So you go to Kroger instead.
Maybe you’ll give the general store one more shot. If the next time they’re closed though, you’re almost certainly going to never waste your time again. You’ll just head straight to the reliable, already-established grocery store.
Facebook posts are the same. No post = no visitors. And you’re losing “likes” in the process.

Rewards for members

A popular choice for retailers is to reveal a promo code to people who hit “like.” But now you’ve got to keep them there.
Set up an extra tab for the member of the week. Months drag-on and you’re likely to lose interest in such a fast-packed network, so stick with weekly rewards or recognition.

Do a random drawing from your list of members, and post it loud and proud on your page. It doesn’t hurt to put Photoshop to work with your member’s default pic. Add a crown and bouquet of roses. Put a T-shirt on them with your company’s name plastered across it. If they love it, they’ll put it on their own page, and your advertising just went viral.

Keep up with your comments

It’s obvious that any questions posted on your wall should be answered right away, but remember to keep all conversations going as much as you can too.

People love to hear from the higher-ups, and since this is your page, you are in charge. On simple “Went there last night and had a blast” comments, comment back in thank-you form.

You could even offer them something for next time. An upgraded seat, a discount, a free appetizer, etc. This is sure to get a “like.” And you’re not losing money. A heartfelt comment from a happy customer is better than any paid advertisement.

Advertise outside of Facebook

If you’re a hit on Twitter, post your Facebook link a few times. It’s very likely that your Twitter fans are on Facebook too.

Also, remember to include your Facebook page link in your signature on Emails and forums. Just write “Facebook” and hyperlink it rather than putting the whole link.

And as always, remember that the key is to give people something they already want. If you are doing this, people are sure to “like” you.